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Mother And Kids In "Saving The Tiger Parade"
A mother takes her kids to join the "Saving the Tiger" team in a parade on February 28, 1998. Our "Saving the Tiger" team constituted by CAWWC, American Chinese Zhi-Qing (Intellectuals) Association, American College of Traditional Medicine and other groups participates in the Chinese New Year Parade in Mountain View
Winners of "Saving The Tiger Game"
With great support from World Wildlife Fund, American Chinese Zhi-Qing (Intellectuals) Association, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and CAWWC have promoted the "Saving the Tigers" through various formulas at many Chinese New Year Parties and street fairs in 1998. This illustration shows that Mr. Ming-Kang Dai (left), Chairman of American Chinese Zhi-Qing (Intellectuals) Association and Vice President of CAWWC, grants the Tiger Stamp Pack as the award to the winner of "Saving the Tiger Game in the Third Annual Chinese New Year Party of Northern California Youths.
Cupertino Mayor, Mr. Michael Chang
Mr. Michael Chang (left), Cupertino Mayou, believes that it has significantly meaning to promote "Saving the Tigers" in Chinese community. He completely advocates this action and holds a "Saving the Tigers" momento together with CAWWC volunteers to promulgate tiger protection. He urges people to sign on the Ten Thousand Signature Drive for tiger protection in the year of the tiger.
CAWWC Inaugural Speech by Dr. John B. Tsu
John B. Tsu, Ph. D, who has been the Asian-American Counselor for four Republican American Presidents and holds many important positions, is the counselor of CAWWC. This is the picture of his speech delivered at the CAWWC inaugural meeting.
Mayor Brown's Congratulations Letter
Ms. Kimay Lu (?) represents San Francisco's Mayor Brown to present a congratulation letter to CAWWC, acclaiming the establishment of one of the scale and influential Chinese environmental groups. Mr. Albert C. Chang the newly elected Chairman of CAWWC accepts the letter.
Mayor Brown And Mr. Albert Chang on Tiger Awareness Day
San Francisco Mayor Brown (left) and Mr. Albert Chang, Chairman of CAWWC chat happily on the Tiger Awareness Day Fair at San Francisco on June 13, 1998 and decided to designate this day as "Tiger Awareness Day, San Francisco".
CAWWC in International Tiger Protection Conference
Board members of CAWWC report the promotions they have done in San Francisco Bay Area to the International Tiger rotection Conference held at San Francisco on June 14, 1998. From left : Albert C. Chang, Burk H. Chung, Alan H. Lau, Ming-Kang Dai and Lixin Huang.
People From Environmental Groups Distribute...
People from environmental groups distribute the shopping bags with "Save the tiger, Leave our children a living planet" and the booklets "Drawings and Articles of Tiger Protection" to the representatives of Chinese medicine industry and Chinese schools. From left : Ming Kang Dai (Chairman od American Chinese Zhi-Qing (Intellectuals) Association), Mr. Albert Chang (Chairman of CAWWC), Peter (Chief of Endangered Animal Protection Section at World Wildlife Fund), Alan H. Lau, and Burk H. Chung (President of Chinese Herb Business Association of Northern California.
"No Buy, No Sell" Poster
World Wildlife Fund, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Chinese Zhi-Qing (Intellectuals) Association and CAWWC ailed with many Chinese medical groups and Chinese medicine dealers to promote the poster "Stop illegal Trading in Tiger Products & Rhino Horns" and expansively posted it in Chinese community in which many Chinese medicine stores are located. We have achieved great reaction.

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